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We offer foals for sale every year, most by our own stallion; but occasionally by outside stallions. Each of our crosses to Zeus are done in accordance with our breeding philosophy, keeping a good mind and willing attitude at the forefront, with conformation, health, and athleticism following. If a horse can't or won't learn, it does not matter how much physical ability he has, he will not make a good riding horse.
We do not price our foals until a few weeks after they are born and we do not offer in utero sales.  
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AQHA StoneWashedWranglers
Zeus X BCS Rooster
Born April 17, 2018
5 panel N/N
Champagne Buckskin Roan (Amber Cream Roan) Filly
Tested: EE AA CrN ChN Rr
Pedigree for this filly can be seen here.

Chickpea has a prelim diagnosis of OCD in the stifles. She is still for sale, though we are not actively marketing her at this time. We are treating the OCD to see if we can get it resolved. 

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