About Us
Who We Are:
Arrow Maker Ranch is fairly new to horse breeding, having set up shop around 2011. My husband and I are both city slickers, gone a little country. We have a toddler son that makes us laugh every day and we look forward to teaching him the responsibilities that only a farm can provide. While we would love to do this full time, we do both have day jobs that let us live comfortably enough to put food on the table and beer in the fridge. We are both Army veterans of 10+ years and the Army helped shape who we both are today (and helped us meet); and we are both very grateful for all of the blessings and opportunities that we have been provided.
Our last name is Fletcher which is Scottish in heritage. The craft of inserting feathers on the tail end of arrows was known as "fletching." When arrows were the main form of weapon for hunting and defense, there were craftsman whose entire trade was fletching arrows, i.e. a Fletcher or Arrow Maker.
We currently breed Amercian Quarter Horses based on our breeding philosophy with the ultimate goal being a versatile, well minded and well conformed riding horse. We strive for quality of mind and willingness to learn, followed by physical ability. The foundation of our breeding program is AQHA Morgan Dun N Stone, much better known as Zeus.
While I did grow up in the city, I started riding hunter/jumpers when I was 7 years old. They were typically quarter horses or Appendix and my trainer used to say that quarter horses were the only ones with any brains. I rode solidly for about 10 years, then off and on as a working student while in college. I dabbled in other breeds and found out that I agreed with my old trainer, quarter horses really were the only ones with any brains. As I got older, I was also able to appreciate the huge versatility that quarter horses offered, as well as, the actual functional role they played in American history.

Where We Are:
Arrow Maker Ranch is located in Paso Robles, CA, about halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles and about 30 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Paso Robles is the home of the California Mid-State Fair, as well as an up and coming wine industry. This town is the only place where you can ride your horse to go wine tasting and is a great example of agriculture meets haute couture. We are conventiently located near Hwy 101, Hwy 46, and only a short ride to Interstate 5. 

Genetics Hobby:
Equine color genetics started out as a an interest and has grown into a bit of a hobby. Within the last 10 years, the scientific community recognized the growing interest and responded with genetic tests for all species of animals, for both color and health.
The puzzle of figuring out what may result from specific crosses is very fun to try to predict, as well as to study what can not be predicted (yet). Please visit our page on the 5 disease panel to get more information on typical quarter horse testing.